Help Me Choose My Wine

There’s nothing worse than being faced with a sea of wine names and bottles and wondering how to find what you want whether for an occasion, a present or a delicious drink to enjoy after a long day at work.

The Flagship Wines team would like to help you make your choice from our range of 500 wines from around the world that are all well-made, good examples of their type and value for money whatever your preference and budget.


Wine type

The first decision to make is whether you would like to buy a red, white or rose and whether it is still or sparkling. Click here to go to Wine type and choose from the options here. Check out our dessert wines, Champagnes and sparkling wines etc in this way too.


Search by grape variety

Many grape varieties are grown in many different countries and are all slightly different but there are underlying innate characteristics of each grape type that remain the same wherever grown and this will help narrow down your search if you know that you enjoy wines from a certain grape such as tangy refreshing whites made from Sauvignon Blanc or full flavoured Shiraz wines. Click on that or other attributes such as vintage, etc shown in the left hand column.


Wines by Country

We also list our wines by country of origin so if you click here you will find a list of countries and be able to search through our range by identifying which countries wines you’d like to look at.



New wines, special offers and our recommendations

We’re always adding new wines and special offers to our range so it’s always worth a look here if you need inspiration to make your choice, and in our recommendations are wines that the Flagship Wines team have recently enjoyed and also those our customers tell us are delicious right now.


Wine on Tap

If you like the idea of a regular wine delivery to your door that includes some old favourites and new ones to try why not take advantage of this service designed to make your wine buying from Flagship Wines easy and convenient.


Contact us

Our friendly team is available to advise which red wines best suit your menu, taste and budget. Please contact us to chat through the options – we love talking about wine!