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Prosecco has contributed greatly to the large increase in consumption of sparkling wines in the UK and whether you are having a party, celebrating or want to enjoy a glass of fizz there’s a wine to match your occasion. It’s also no wonder that with increased enjoyment of sparkling wines the range of sparkling wines available have increased in tandem and Flagship Wines range is growing too.

Many wine producing regions of the world make sparkling wines as they are as fun to make as they are to drink and wine makers enjoy the challenge of their production. Both online and in store in Hatfield Road, St Albans, Herts. Flagship Wines has a wide range that is representative of three methods of production and regions around the world.

It is the winemaking that determines the style of wine even more than the grape type or region of origin. Sparkling wines that are not made in Champagne are not allowed to use that name though many wines are made by the traditional method where secondary fermentation, that produces the bubbles, takes place in bottle. These include wines from Tasmania, Cava made in Spain, wines from Piemonte in Italy and those using the name Cremant in France such as in Burgundy, the Loire and Alsace to name a few.

The transfer method produces less premium wines as the wine is transferred from bottle to tank under pressure to disgorge the remains of fermentation ie the lees. Champagne sold in Jereboams, Balthazars and other large formats are treated in this way. The third method used for cheaper wines such as Prosecco are made in tanks which are sealed before fermentation is complete to retain the CO2 which effectively stops fermentation creating a sparkling yet fruity wine with less complexity but till ultimately very enjoyable.

Sparkling wine as a gift

If you’d like to send bottle of sparkling wine as a gift we can arrange delivery throughout the UK or you could send a Flagship Wines gift voucher if you’re not sure what to buy. This is an ideal present as it gives the pleasure of shopping as well as the pleasure of drinking the wine itself.

Your sparkling wine buying made easy

Simply buy on line for delivery direct to you or find out about our Wine on Tap service for regular deliveries of your favourite wines and new ones too if you’d like some surprises.
We hope that you will enjoy trying sparkling wine range as much as we do.

Remember – please contact us if you have any queries or would like more information.

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