Our Recipes

At Flagship Wines we are passionate about our wines and also about food, it’s such a naturally great pairing and we love experimenting with different combinations always bearing in mind two rules of thumb –

  • Always match the main taste elements of the wine with those of the dish you are about to eat so they don’t clash such as soft creamy sauces with ripe soft full wines or crisp white wines with vinaigrette
  • Always cook with wine that you are happy to drink – avoid ‘cooking wine’ that has seen better days as it will add off flavours to the food!

In this part of our website you’ll find a wide range of recipes each with at least one wine chosen to accompany it – we had great fun cooking and matching the wine and food – try them for yourself and let us know what you think. Or let us know of your particular special food and wine pairing – we’d love to try them


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