If you like this then you’ll probably like this………

By Julia Jenkins, 15th October 2017

If you like this then you’ll probably like this………

Like many people I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my weekly food and wine buying. If I do want to step out of my comfort zone and try something different I can look along the shelves at Flagship Wines and think laterally that if I like this then I’ll like that. I thought I’d share some of these thoughts this week.

Whilst cooking a meal I like to have a glass of wine to hand, following the old adage of keeping the chef happy, and this is usually white wine. I enjoy refreshing white wines and often it is a Sauvignon Blanc from France or New Zealand. Recently however, like many others, I have found myself seeking an alternative and found some great wines to enjoy. Picpoul de Pinet from a tiny French appellation in the south of France with its appealing light fresh fruity aroma and taste is one solution as is Pecorino from XXX in Italy.

Sherry also makes an excellent aperitif and I often have a half bottle (to ensure it’s always fresh) of Fino such as Tio Pepe in the frig. The lovely fresh tangy flavours tickle my taste buds and match the flavours of many nibbles whilst cooking.

If you want to try some new tastes then there are many to choose from including wines from Spain made from the Godello grape like that from Lagar de Xestosa based in Galicia in north west Spain which has a fresh citrussy aroma and a textured mouthfilling flavour as does Painted Wolf Penny Viognier with a lovely peachy fruity aroma and palate. Wines made from Roussanne by Rustenberg have a similar profile.

Whilst Malbec and Shiraz have a strong merited place on the table with red meats and other full flavoured dishes there are a myriad of other varieties and wines that are worth a try to expand your wine drinking repertoire. Wines from Bierzo in north western Spain are a great favourite such as those made by Merayo. The wines are perfumed with ripe red fruit characters on the nose with juicy red fruits, notes of violets and spices on the palate that linger. Particularly good with food are wines made from the Barbera and Nero d’Avola grapes from Italy are delicious. Look out for the Barberas from Il Cascinone such as d’Annona and Ceppi Storici and the Feudo Maccari Nero d’Avolas.

Some particular favourites from Chile are made from the Carmenere and Carignan grapes which are velvety and deeply fruity with long lasting flavours especially those from Odfjell winery. Carmenere is very similar to Merlot and indeed was confused with this grape for a long time and is now a delicious wine in its own right. Carignan is most often seen as part of a blend in wines from the South of France but in some southern hemisphere vineyards it ripens fully to make a lovely wine on it own.

This is just a snapshot of wines available that will match you expectations of taste and budget – why not talk to  your local wine seller and try something new to match your meal.


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